Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For Mom

This post is for my super sweet Mom. She cares what my Halloween decorations look like.   

Our Front Door.  Highly exciting!

I loved working on this project.  Wool felt is so fun!

Here is pumpkin land.  There used to be tons of little cups of m&m's all over, but alas they are all in our belly's now. 


Sara said...

i care about your cute decorations too!:) you are so talented sarah, the wall hangings are adorable, you really have an eye for cuteness...thank you for posting these:) also, i'm totally going to start cooking my bacon like that.

Megan Vanderlinden said...

Damn you and your over-achievements! Very cute. Our half rotten pumpkins are as crazy as I got.

Berrybritt said...

Gotta love Megan. Great decor. Can't wait to see kids in costume!

The Driggs said...

I love all of your decorations...except Uncle George. He gives me the heeby jeebies. Every time I walked or drove by, I could swear I felt someone staring at me. I look over, and there is Uncle George with that creepy grin on his face! I think it's the fact that the hat slightly covers his eyes as if he's trying to be discreet as he stares at us all! But I LOVE your wall hangings and your fall display on that table behind your sofa. You never cease to amaze!