Sunday, October 19, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

My kids had Fall Break this week.  We had a lot of our friends go out of town, but with Bj's work situation (meaning no vacation days left), I didn't want to tackle a vacation by myself.  However, I did want them to have a great fall break, and do "out of the ordinary" things.  So, I invited myself to my cousins house and my friends house.  They were both so hospitable, and took my family in.  They both fed us well, and I felt very spoiled.  I am very blessed to have such great family and friends.  Wednesday we went to visit my cousin Penny and her cute family.  Thursday we went to Ikea and to visit my friend Katie who I was an Academy for Girls counselor with.  

I was a little nervous as I began the trip.  I was driving to Phoenix all by myself (I never do that kind of stuff).  I am always nervous when I leave Bj, I just don't like being away......I am afraid something bad will happen to one of us.  A silly fear, but one that is well embedded in my psyche.  However, after I got to my cousins house, all of it melted away.  It was so great to see her and her cute little family.  I loved spending time with them all.  The kids had a great time chasing each other with grasshoppers, being wild, and staying up 2 hours past their bedtime.  Poor Penny's kids had school the next morning, and  we did not make things easier for her.  As we left her house, I felt so many warm fuzzies.  Why didn't we do this more often?  It has been about 2.5 years since we got together last.  Why in the world does it take that long?  We only live 2 hours away from each other.  I wished we had more time with them....but I made a little commitment to myself that I wouldn't let time slip by again like that.

Here's little Penny...oh I mean Hannah!  She is so super cute.

Hey Mitch (who now goes by the name of Crash).  He started the morning off early with much hoola hooping....and counting.  Penny is a Saint to listen with a smile to this all morning.
Here's Zach!  What a fun kid.  He has a new lizard, he and Crash spent a lot of time feeding him and chasing the girls with grasshoppers.
Here's my Penny.  She is such babe!  She got up early this morning and made us fantastic French Toast and homemade special syrup.  Yes, she does take after her fabulous mother.

Every time I look at Benjamin I see my Aunt Diane in his eyes.  It brings me so much joy to see her fire shining in his eyes.

Thursday we went to visit my friend Katie.  She has been a dear friend since we were counselors together at AFG.  I was always impressed by her for so many reasons.  1....she is super creative.  2....she has such a gentle way about her  (I love people with gentle ways, I think it is because I am still working on that skill, and I haven't yet achieved that) all of life's craziness, she takes opportunities to remember and reflect on the Spirit.  4.  She is such a giving person....I am always put to shame when I see the gifts of love she prepares for me and others.  She is amazing.   

Poor Katie.  She had a baby 4 weeks ago (C-section), went to Las Vegas for a convention for her company last week...and here I am showing up ready to be entertained.  What a sweetheart to even let me in the door.  It was so fun to see her little bundle of joy, and see all her little ones.  Katie and I spent the day talking of quilts, rug hooking, crafts, business opportunities, preparing for Christmas, and life!  Our kids spent the day playing webkinz, making up dances, and eating yummy cookies.  Thanks Katie for such a great time.  

Here's the Elizabeth's (Liz and Betsy) playing with their playdough.

Here's Madeline and Ruby, and the dance they made up.  This is not a short video, but one that brings warmth to my heart.


shauna said...

Oh my goodness, that was so much fun to watch the girls' dance. How fun for you to visit one another! Jealous!

bill, katie, and co. said...

OH I can't believe you got that on film! HOLY COW! What a memory. We loved having you visit. It was the highlight of our week. Ruby is already planning a time when we can come visit Madeline again.

Berrybritt said...

I'm with you. I hate to go anywhere without my hubby. Looks like you had a good time. If you are in Idaho you had better be stopping by my house!!!