Monday, October 6, 2008


So much to do.. 

Last week I decided to rearrange our rooms a bit.  We are moving Mitch and Lizard into the same room, so I can take Mitch's room as my sewing room. Things went well, I started working on Wednesday to get it all ready to do.  After painting both rooms, and gutting both of them as well, I thought we were on track to finishing them.  Alas, Liz spent Saturday morning in urgent care with breathing issues.  Dr.'s and parents (that's us) alike thought it was pneumonia at first, but we think it is just bronchitis (we'll find out more tomorrow at her ped's appointment).  anyway, our weekend slowed to a stop.  So, now I have 2 unfinished rooms with toys to go to good will all over the floor of the kids room.  I had hoped to have beautiful pictures to show for it.  But, and here's the kicker, I am sick (again....AGAIN!) too.  So, now I have no energy to do anything really, let alone find the camera to take a picture of 2 rooms I am trying to avoid.   Do me a favor.... pretend I have great pictures, witty words, and a happy attitude and this blog will be perfect.


Denise said...

That was the best post I've read in a really long time and I LOVED all the cute pictures. You are amazing. I don't know how you do it. The new sewing room looks great, and so CLEAN!!!

D.C. Butler's said...

Bless your heart! Life stinks somtimes. It's okay you can admit it.

Berrybritt said...

I am so sorry you are sick again. I thought living in a warm climate you would never get sick. What's the deal. Wish I could come and help you.