Monday, September 29, 2008


As we were in primary yesterday, we were learning about prayer....and how we should offer a prayer.  When we got to the part about being Thankful, we went around the room and heard all the children's ideas of what to be thankful for.  So, they call on little sunbeam Liz, and she said..."we're thankful we didn't get bit."  I think the teacher had no idea what she was talking about, but I did.  My sweet baby.  She talks about her rattlesnake bite all the time, but always with a positive, I am grateful I didn't get bit by a rattlesnake today.  As we were at the park today rollerblading (yes, she is learning to rollerblade...she's so fun)...she was talking to me about life.   Out of the blue, she says, "I don't stick my hands in bushes anymore, cuz I don't want to get bit by a rattlesnake (pronounced rattle la snake)."    Ahh, this incident has shaped her life, yet she is not afraid of snakes (she wanted to chase after a snake she saw the other night while at the same location she was bit).  She is a joy.  I absolutely love my four year old, and I am grateful she didn't get bit today. 

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Bj said...

I am also thankful that she didn't get bit today.