Thursday, October 20, 2011

Like mother like son.

When I was little, I ate butter by the stick.

I know, you can hardly tell now with my long lean body.

Noah came upstairs the other day, sucking down this stick of butter with nothing but joy showing on his little face.  Instead of grabbing it from his hands and downing some myself, I ran for the camera. 

My thighs are thanking me for abstaining.

Even though I know this is "gross," I think it is hilarious, and it brings  a small smile to my face to know that one of my children is almost exactly as weird as I was when I was little.


Megan said...

You will always be known as the "Butter Eater". xoxo

Hampton said...

What's wrong with Noah, does he doesn't like his costume?
Nice costume Maddie!
You to Chinese Girl!