Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

This is how it kid likes to be dressed up in a weird costume.  Noah shows his feelings quite clearly, he has no idea why we are all being so strange.  Even though Noah was feeling out of sorts, we continued having fun at the ward trunk r treat, and he started warming up.  

He began playing with donuts and stuffing them in his dads face.  That's always a BLAST.  I don't have pictures of it.  But, we took him trunk-r-treating that night.  The first pass through the cars, he was SOOOOO confused.  But, on the second time around, he was saying his own version of trick or treat, and he loved collecting the candy.

Now that Noah understands that the Pooh costume means CANDY...this is what he looked like on the real Halloween night.


Mitchell went as the last airbender.  It was all his idea, and honestly, Bj put the whole thing together.  They died some white sweats, and an old white sunday shirt (and then they modified the shirt).  They bought some print your own tatoos for the arrow (by the way....they aren't awesome, the print your own was a glorified sticker).   You can see, we did away with the "sticker", and just drew his arrow on for the real night.  And, luckily, I have shelves full of fabric to make the sash and the leg straps.  Go Mitch!!!!  

Maddie just looks creepy.  She is a stylin' vampire.  We worked hard to make her this ugly, it wasn't easy.  She went through my closet to find some clothes to ruin and rip to make her costume, and she used some ripped jeans for her pants.  Pretty easy, pretty cheap, and pretty awesome.

Lizzy went as a Chinese girl.  Ummm, she looked gorgeous.  Are little girls supposed to be so cute on Halloween.  I loved this costume, it's one of the old ones we pulled out of "the bag."  No work, just put it on over some black shirt and pants.  Do some hair, and call it good.  LOVE easy costumes.  

And, if you are still here, you must really love me.  Here's the cutest picture of the bunch.  This is Noah after eating way too much candy.  He would pick up one candy, take a bite, put it down, and try another.  He was hilarious, hyper, and so so so so so fun to watch.  

I am so grateful to be a mother.  What a blessing it is to experience life through the eyes of my children.  Even though Halloween is a totally crazy holiday, my children make it magical.  Plus, at the end of it all, we are all covered in melted chocolate!  That makes everyone smile.


Jodi said...

Love it! So fun.

Wendie said...

I read to the end. The kids look great. What was Bj?