Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't know how I got away with never having to do a science fair project myself, but this was my very first experience with the science fair fun.  

I am so proud of miss Maddie who amazingly took 2nd place for the 5th grade!  Go girl!

Yes, we worked on it together.  I tried to have her work with her dad for the final push (because I had some sewing to do), but she would have none of it.  So, we spent 3 hours the Saturday before, working hard together, trying to make everything the way she wanted it.  I typed, while she read to me what she wanted the things to say.  

After winning, Bj wondered if we did too much for her.  Honestly, I think not.   After seeing what all the kids did, it was easy to see which kids worked hard, and which ones didn't. I think she just did her assignment.  Yeah, I typed up her results, but many parents did that.  She is one amazing young woman, and I am glad to be her mother.

It was so fun to go to the science fair where so many members of our ward were there.  Their kids did well too, 1st place, honorable mention, and 2nd were awarded to members of our ward.  Go WARD!

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kimhumpherys said...

so fun! brooke got 1st at our school and was suppposed to go to district, but our family was going skiing that day, so wouldn't you know that she decided to ditch competing at district to come skiing with her family?!!! LOL!!! she didn't mean to win, so she thought it was okay! :)