Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blowing Results.....




 Yours Truly


I must say, {even though I probably should keep my thoughts to myself}, that Heavenly Father must really like Mitchell.  Why?  12 hours after we got these back from the glass shop, he was dinking (yes, it's a real word) around before school one day, bumping the ornaments together to make fun sounds.  If that isn't bad enough (can't you see the issue? glass banging against each other is a sure recipe for disaster if you ask me), while he was banging his ornament against mine, he lost them both and they dropped on the tile floor.

At this time, I had heard the ornaments banging together, and I ran downstairs to see him picking up the ornaments off the tile.  They were whole.  I could hardly believe it.  Mitchell is one lucky soul, because he only got a good scolding.  Mitchell is counting his blessings!

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