Thursday, May 13, 2010

Congratulations....well done!

Who, pray tell, needs a little congratulating?

Elizabeth!  (and her mother)

She learned to ride a bike!  We tried to teach her (it was a half hearted effort) about a year ago, and that ended in tears.  

We planned it this time, put it on the calendar, and then actually followed through.  I donned my rollerblades, took her to the basketball courts, and we had a ball.  This little pumpkin learned how to ride, lickety split.   She automatically understood balance, she only had to overcome fear.

I can honestly say I never planned on being the one to teach my children to ride a bike.  That always seemed like the "man's" job.  But I guess since I did plan on potty training them, and Bj does that, all things are up for discussion. 

 I have to say, this is one of my favorite lessons.  It is such an accomplishment...a measured accomplishment, that I can point to and say, "I taught them that."  There are too few things I can actually take a little credit for. 

Heaven knows I need all the pats on the back I can get.

Each day this week we have gone for a bike ride to solidify this new skill.  Liz has been testing her limits on the bike, and without any major disasters.

Now, all I have to do is teach my heart not to leap out of my chest, when my previous youngest child, rides out of reach.  

I can let her go.  I can let her go.  I can let her go.


The Driggs said...

Way to go Sarah! (Oh, and Lizzy too). That's a great accomplishment, and way to be a man Sarah! You deserve infinity pats on the back for all that you do!

Bj said...

So proud of all my girls!!! Lizzy for learning, Mom for teaching, and Maddie for being so understanding and encouraging.