Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We had a great birthday celebration for Liz.  Her birthday started with a friend birthday party. It was a build-a-bear party.  When we came home from the party, Bj and the kids had decorated the house for her SURPRISE family birthday party.  Nana and Papa were there, as well as Grandma Gina (who went to the build a bear party with me).

We started out with some yummy cupcakes!

Here are the "goody" bags.

As we were picking our bears, I thought it was funny that only 1 girl got a different bear.  It was so fun to watch the girls make their own bears, name them, dress them, and love them.


Mandy said...

and who would have thought the PINK bear would be the odd bear out. Happy Birthday Lizzy!

Summer said...

Annika had such a blast. And thank you for bringing over the cute "thank you" picture from the party. Your cupcakes look darling and I love the little sign sticks in them! So creative!

Mandy said...

Tia had such a blast! Sarah you are so creative with the cupcakes and treat bags.