Monday, June 22, 2009

Serious Wimp!

I have vowed, for about a year now, that I would kill a rattlesnake, no questions asked. I have heard from animal lovers that it is cruel punishment to kill rattlesnakes. After witnessing what I did in the hospital with my little Liz, and how hard her recovery was, I still feel like every rattlesnake could die a slow painful death, and I would be just fine with it.

Today, as I was hanging wet laundry on the line, I viewed (not 3 feet away) a pretty small rattlesnake. It didn't move, it was just laying on the grass, enjoying the warm day. At first, I didn't really believe my eyes. Then, my senses came to me, and I ran inside the house, quickly called 911 for the Firemen to come to our house and pick up the little punk. After getting off the phone with them, I lamented! I should go outside and chop this guys head off. But alas, good sense overcame me. I mean really, would it be healthy for a pregnant lady to be accidentally bit by a rattlesnake? I guess not, but I felt ashamed I didn't go take care of him like a good mother should!

Liz told me to run and get the shovel so we could kill him. Oh Liz....what a sweetheart! She saw the snake through the window, and then ran over to the couch and hugged the cushions and whimpered. Sweet Liz! After 5 minutes, and the firemen still not there, she asked when they would come....when? when? when? Then the doorbell rang, two handsome (and I am not kidding about that), young firemen came to our rescue, and picked up the offending snake, and carried him off to the depths of a faraway (at least 2 miles) desert. Now, I get to sit and ponder about this blasted snake. Are there snakes hiding in my backyard? Can my kids play safely back there? Should I keep a shovel within reach, so I can finally get my revenge?

Luckily, Bj is on his way home, and I am sure he will quickly apply "snake away" to ward away any other snakes who think it wise to cross our path!


The Driggs said...

I hope you don't think that was odd of me to want to come and "see" the snake. It just seemed so random to have one in a person's backyard. And it was weird seeing it just chillin' in your grass. Ugh! I am sorry that Liz had the see it. I think that memory will forever be in her head. Brock keeps telling me he wants to come and look at the snake again. I don't think he quite understands that it got taken away. And please, like 2 miles is not even far away! Why don't they just kill them? What would happen, people would start saying, "Oh no, the rattlesnakes are endangered. They are going to be extinct!" The world would be a better place. I wish I had hung out 2 minutes longer to be there when the firemen arrived (wink wink)!

Min said...

We kill 'em. You were right to leave it alone, being pregnant and all, but still I'm amazed that the fire dept will come take them??? They're not that easy to kill, and can still inject venom for some time after they're dead, so it's scary. I guess just be aware, know your snakes, and tell your kids never to pick up a snake without asking an adult first. That's what we do. (If there really is some kind of "snake away," where can I get some?)

P.S. I don't think it's all that random to find one in the yard. We live in the snake's natural habitat, down there there are more people building more houses further out into the desert, so what's a snake to do?