Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's that time of Year

Summer is here. We have had summer upon us for quite some time now, and our days are becoming lazier. The kiddos are loving the sprinklers, but as the days get warmer, the use of sprinklers slows since they don't want to burn their feet outdoors. I am a fully horrible mother and allow my children to watch too many movies and tv shows. We love our swim lessons where they learn all about butterfly stroke, and I become drenched in my own sweat. Our nights are filled with catching lizards, chasing birds, and watching out for snakes. We still try to take our nightly walks, but at 100+ degrees, those walks are getting shorter and shorter. All in all, life is pretty great. I am constantly amazed and grateful that I live in this amazing time. I have air conditioning, seriously....that is fabulous.

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The Driggs said...

Amen to air conditioning!!! Those pictures are so cute, and I love that you caught them in the middle of their candid moments. You are NOT a fully horrible mother silly. You are a pregnant mother who is also writing a book my dear! Sorry that the walks are getting shorter. You need to buy some Otter Pops to have while you go on your walks...that will help them last longer. Then again, you are getting more and more prego which kind of shortens the walks naturally!