Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little extra spending cash

Tuesday, the kids were getting restless, it was 10 a.m. Yes, already bored by 10 a.m. The joys of watching videos and playing the Wii have already worn off, and they are itching to do something with themselves. They asked, very kindly, if they could do a lemonade stand. My first thought was, NO NO NO, I have so much work to do, and I can't spend all my time outside in my front yard to ensure you don't get kidnapped. However, I remember being a kid too....and I said YES, hoping that my small sacrifice would mean I would get some work done that night. They made the lemonade, got the sign ready (yes, on the back of a Strawberry shortcake coloring book cover), and went to work. Seriously, I am so surprised. They made $11 in 2 hours. That is more than I ever made as a kid working at a lemonade stand. We had some construction workers come to work next door, and their owner seriously spoiled our kids. SPOILED, I tell you. He bought 10 cups of lemonade, then went to the neighbor kids who set up a stand (after seeing the success my sweet little ones were having), and bought their otter pops, promptly brought them right back to my kids and gave them each a "pop."

I don't know if it just the pregnancy hormones tugging at my heart strings, but I was touched. So many people in my neighborhood supported my sweet kids. We had cars stop by, and they generously tipped the kids. Strangers, and friends alike took time out of their day to help others. Sometimes, I think we as a society focus on all the crummy stuff people do, but on Tuesday, I saw kindness. So many generous people, giving not only their money, but their time, to pause from their busy day and encourage children to dream big.

I was also pretty proud of my kids. They were so excited about the day, they started dreaming big! So, in days ahead, they are planning to sell lemonade, ice cream, cookies, candy bars, etc. Oh, and what did they do with their earnings? After a super small lecture from me (about possibilities of spending a little now, saving for later), the decided to pay their tithing, buy a pizza for dinner that night, and save the rest to buy school clothes. School clothes? Seriously, that is great, they came up with that on their own, and I can't say I am too upset about it.


Sarah said...

What an awesome mom! I can't let my kids see this or they will be so jealous. What a great memory for your kids. I love the part about the pizza, no dinner to cook!

The Driggs said...

My kids loved their lemonade and it was so cute to see your kids out there. When we get back in town, let me know if you plan on having more sales. We will be sure to come by! And that was so nice of that construction worker to buy your kids Otter Pops. I love when random people do stuff like that.