Friday, May 22, 2009

Loving the Rain

 I went for a walk this morning, it was 9 a.m.....super late for me usually.  Especially in May in the desert.  But there was a fantastic breeze, and it has been raining here lately.  I seriously loved it.  I closed my eyes as I walked and took  deep breaths of the moist desert air.  Very rarely can I say "moist" desert air...but today I could.  I love that smell.  There is a very distinct desert rain smell, and I remember it well from the summers I spent on my aunt and uncles ranch in southern Utah/Colorado.  Those are fond memories for me....being so free, playing with frogs, and being eaten to death by mosquitos (okay I didn't love the mosquitos).  But, nonetheless, every time I smell that smell I think of my aunt Heidi and uncle Robert.    I remember how much they pampered my sister and I, and I remember swimming in their pool in my under-roos.    I am always amazed at how the sense of smell can bring you back to something that happened so long ago (yes, I was 5 that summer).  But, I can still feel it all, the chili breakfasts, the hugs my aunt would give me, the radish plates, the constant itchy back, the posters of snakes in my cousins bedroom, and baby kittens.  Now, life has changed, family has changed, but I still have the desert smell and it brings it all back to me like I am still a little rug rat running around a ranch.


Wen said...

There is nothing like being reminded of the simpler times. Especially by the beautiful smell of rain. Glad to hear that you had a moment to unwind.

The Driggs said...

I love the rain too. And I too have fond memories because of it. Isn't it great that smells do that? Songs do it too. That is great that you have those memories of being on the ranch at your uncle and aunt's. And now our kids are at ages of making those memories too. I love that I can spray my mom's perfume on and it brings me back to an exact memory of her. And how that same perfume makes Caitlynn and Annika think of her.

Snell's Pace said...

We are loving the rain too. The kids are actually outside playing more with the rain cooling things off. It is a nice treat at this time of year when we are usually already tire of 100 degree weather. The kids were wondering if we were getting an early monsoon season. I sure hope not. That is what I look forward to in the middle of summer.