Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you ever?

Do you ever wonder how in the world you became so blessed?  I wonder this every time I am with my sweet husband.  Seriously, he is the best.  If you have a less wonderful love of your life, maybe you should stop reading so you can refrain from puking.  But, man this guy is the best.  Why????  Well, he spent last week away on business.  When he came home, he devoted himself to taking care of me and the kids.  On Thursday he took the kids all day, ALL DAY, and gave me free license to spend the day slaving away in my sewing room.  I got SO much done that day, knowing the kids were so well taken care of.     Okay, that's not all, he is still doing the majority of the grocery shopping,  or any kind of shopping for that matter.  When I am working on the laundry, he scoots me out of the way, and tells me to go lay down or something (but I really go to the sewing room).  He spent about 2 hours with me on Saturday night editing a pattern for my book...man that is dedication and love.  He even turns off sports when I roll my eyes.  He cooks, I know, you are asking yourself what in the world I do (I promise, I cook, and do laundry often....but he sure helps when he can).  

On Sunday, I thought it would be a great idea to have some friends over (since we haven't done that for months)....well, of course, I chose the dessert that only Bj makes (berry pie).  Bj is just fabulous, I am so blessed to have him as my love.  He is so tender and loving.  If we ever fight, he is always the first to say he is sorry.  Seriously, I don't deserve him!  I love him to pieces, and I am so grateful he is my partner FOREVER!  That rocks.


Tracy said...

i have to agree, you seriously are one lucky girl! you guys are so cute together!!! great pic too.

Z Family said...

On Camille's giveaway you are right underneath me... SO FUNNY and random!!

The Driggs said...

That does rock! What a cute post. I am so grateful that I got to be rewarded with a slice of that pie. And it was a BIG slice! I love that picture of you and BJ. It's always fun being in the company of you two when you are together. Oh, and BJ, I'll email you my shopping list.

JRose said...

bleechh...we're talking about BJ here! ugh!

Kidding! What a lucky lady you are...and he's pretty lucky too.