Friday, May 15, 2009

Checkin' in

No pictures today...way too much to do, but I thought I would say a little howdy for the weekend.  I am working hard to get everything done for my book.  I now have 7.75 quilts quilted, only 2 more to go, I have written 2 patterns (10 more to go), parts of the general instructions, and the all information (lame).  My kids are seriously neglected, well...maybe sorta neglected.  I feed them, I hug them, I take them to the library, to dance lessons, read them stories, but they don't get my undivided attention anymore.  I think the Lizard is feeling it most of all.  After cleaning the whole house last night, and vacuuming it this morning, I felt okay to sit down and start cranking out the book.  Well, after working for sometime I went downstairs to prepare her some lunch....I came downstairs to a (just cleaned, arghhh) room full of little plastic beads.  They were covering the couch, the carpet, the quilts, the tiles, EVERYTHING.  Apparently, she did a little surgery on her teddy bear.  Luckily, I do have a vacuum, so in only 15 minutes it was cleaned up.  I do have to say though, her plans to invite a friend over today were nixed.  

In other fun and exciting news (since we're talking about being lucky), Bj went out of town today for work.  He left at 4 something a.m., called me at 5:15 saying he needed his wallet (left conveniently in my vehicle), and could I wake all the little munchkins, drive 30 minutes to the airport to drop it off.  Well, of course!!!!!  As we are driving, we are hitting all the green lights.  And while #1 is cursing the fact she is awake, #2 is saying how lucky we are because we are hitting  all the green lights, and #3 is saying how lucky we all are because it is so beautiful outside.  I loved that they had such a happy attitude, I was so worried about being left for 6 days, with so much work to do, no help, dance recitals, and pregnant with little patience.  But, here they showed me that even in less than desirable situations, we were still so "lucky."  Gotta love those kiddies.  Oh, and by the way, Bj still missed his flight.  Instead of arriving at his destination at 2 p.m., he is a lucky guy to still arrive today at 8 p.m.   

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The Driggs said...

Oh Sarah. I am so sorry about the whole "wake the kids up early to bring the forgotten wallet" situation. But I love each of your kids' comments and it suits each one of them! You are doing so amazing. Your kids are going to be just fine and in a few days Madeline and Mitchell will be home to play with Lizzy (which can be a bad thing or a good thing!) All the things you did for your kids is way more than I do for mine, so you are seriously doing amazing! And to add the fact that you are prego makes you that much more impressive. I am here to help so let me know what you need!