Friday, May 16, 2008

Hidden Away

The past couple weeks I have started feeling better.  Yippee.  I have really been looking forward to sewing and getting some things off my list of "to do's."  It is sad to say I have a very long list.  I had 3 quilts that were ready to quilt and bind, and I have about 14 others that are just ideas on paper.   So, instead of being a fun outgoing person, I have spent my days and nights in my room sewing away.  I have listened to a lot of music, and a little bit of Little Women (on CD)..and had a great time knowing I was actually accomplishing something (especially after months of doing almost nothing).  I have certainly neglected my sweet husband, but I am hoping he understands my desire to accomplish something.  So, here are some pics of what we have been doing the last couple weeks.  Some of the pictures are random...but I am sure you understand.
Here are the quilts I finally finished.  It has been too long.
And this may be a more accurate accounting of what I have been doing.  Quilting with Liz.  She has been with me the whole time, and for those of you who know her and what she is capable of, it has been fun and interesting.  But, I have to be grateful.  She didn't cut any of the quilts after they were finished, she didn't color on any fabric. She was practically an angel the whole time.  She was very good though, at unfolding all my fabric and making her own quilt designs all over the house.  
Okay, last weekend was the father and sons campout.  Here's Mitchell fishing.  He caught a fish...way to go.  And, he loved spending some alone time with his dad.   We girls had a pretty sweet time too.  We had Thursday night, Friday, and part of Saturday to play.  It was great!  I hardly had to do dishes because my girls eat like birds (yippee).   Luckily, I had the foresight to realize I wouldn't be able to quilt during "girl time", and so we were all happy that nothing got in the way of our fun.  
This is kinda a funny story.  Yes, that is enchilada sauce right next to our bird.  Bj has been building a patio cover, I won't say how long.  But, this bird has made a home there.  Bj has moved it a number of times.  Well, sweet Nana Laura came over on Mothers Day and said we should just put a can there, and the bird would stay away (using the logic that there wouldn't be enough room for the bird now).  Bj was a little too excited to see that her theory didn't pan out.  Now we are lucky to have a bird and a can.  They make a beautiful picture.
This is a quilt or my sweet friend Summer
asked me to make for her.  It is twin size quilt and has taken me much longer
than I told her it would. Sorry Summer.  But, it has been a joy to make 
something for a dear friend that I know she will love and appreciate.
Angie , yes it is true.  This is your quilt.  I tried very hard to convert Angie to quilting years ago.  She finished this lovely quilt top, only to realize quilting is not really for her.  So, she sent it to me so she would at least have a finished product.  Okay, so six months later, here is your quilt.  I should really get that in the mail today.

I am realizing there is a pattern here.  These are quilts I have taken way too long to finish.  So, here is the winner.  I have been working on this quilt since '01.  Yes it is true.  For 7 years.  No, it is not that difficult of a quilt, it is just an applique quilt.  I am such a piecer, that is what I enjoy doing.  I am not to the stage in my life that applique is easy to take places. My kids are still little, they still grab things, cut things, etc.  So, I always had to tuck and hide this away.  I guess I should mention I made one of these quilts for my dear mother as well....I gave hers to her at Christmas, but mine has been waiting for me to finish.  Hip Hip Hooray.

This may be the longest post ever.  Oh well.  So, yesterday I finished the top of one of my new designs.  I love it.  It turned out just how I wanted, and I am so excited to keep moving forward.  Now, I have 3 quilt designs made, more to do, and then I have to actually started writing the patterns.  Luckily I don't have a deadline.  So, here's a question.  Is anyone interested in being a "tester" for my quilt patterns?   What do you have to do?  Once I send you the pattern, you need to commit to sewing the pattern within 1 month, and sending me back constructive feedback (meaning, don't just be nice...tell me what needs to be improved).  What do you get?  Once I get your evaluation, I will send you the finished product quilt pattern, and one you could give away to a friend.  Any takers?  Let me know, and I'll keep you on my list.


Berrybritt said...

Glad to see you post something. The rooster quilt is my favorite. Can't wait to see more!

reddquilter said...

OK Sarah I can make you feel real good---I am still making my Chicken quilt, not even sure if I can find it's box (somewhere in my closet of unfinished projects). Speaking of chicken quilts. Last week I went to the HMQS in Sandy and there was the greatest Rooster quilt (I'll try to download my pictures and email it to you). Looking forward to seeing you, love Becky

Amy said...

I love the pink one!!! and all the others too....I will be a pattern tester for you! I am dying to get into another quilt, my only problem is I can't do the top yet, I am still saving up for a bernina, but I can for sure do the tops to my hearts content....Let me know..thanks for sharing your cute pics!

kimwatson said...

I love your quilts! You are so talented. It's fun looking at the finished products...btw, you should post the ones you've made for your kids' beds...I never got to see those.

bill, katie, and co. said...

So fun to see some more of your finished products! That has got to feel SO good. Also fun to read your posts and envision life for you in your house and with your family now that I have actually seen where you live. I'm laughing about the bird and enchilada sauce. Fun post, Sarah!

The Driggs said...

Sarah, I am so sorry that you making that BEAUTIFUL quilt for me has taken you from your sweet hubby. I am so in love with it, and am working on cleaning the room a bit so I can take pictures of it to post on my blog. Thank you so much!!!

Angie said...

Beggers can't be choosers - I am just glad that that quilt top isn't in my material box in my basement anymore. I can't wait to see it but won't be upset if it doesn't get mailed for another 6 months. I know first hand just how hard it can be to get the post office. Your great. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for doing this for me! Maybe we can talk sometime in the near (or distant) future? :)