Monday, May 5, 2008

3 birthday parties?

Our plans for Elizabeth's party were to be very simple.  She turned 4 for heavens sake, it doesn't need to be extravagant.  Right?  So, we planned a family party, a friend party, and then because I was too lazy to have all the family over on her real birthday....cake and ice cream on Sunday.  Well, now that it is all over, I think maybe we should have just had 1 family party.  Not that eating so many cakes isn't that fun...I mean who doesn't love cake?    So here are the pics from the fun festivities.

Elizabeth blowing out her cupcake candles at our local park.  It was so fun to have
the party at a park, and let the kids run around crazy there.  It was also pretty fantastic to have so little clean up and preparations.  Yippee.
Okay,  I just thought this was sweet.  Elizabeth got makeup from one of her friends for her birthday.  Well, she spent much of Sunday making up her sister.  Madeline is such a nice sister to let Elizabeth experiment on her.  
This is the 2nd family party on Sunday.  Dress ups are always necessary.
This is Tieg.  Dress-ups aren't just for girls you know.
I know, these aren't in order.  This is from the first family party, where not only family was invited, but a very special teacher.  Madeline's 2nd grade teacher came over for the party because Elizabeth loves her and wanted her there.  We're pretty blessed to have such a great teacher and friend. 
Per Elizabeth's request, she had chocolate cupcakes and pink frosting for her birthday party.   Oh yea, and fun sprinkles on top.  Of course, she only told me about these important qualities the night before the party at 8:30 p.m.  Way after I would venture to the store....luckily I have a super great friend that always bails me out when I need ingredients.  (thanks Summer)
Bj made this beautiful (?) pinata.  He wanted to try his hand at making one, and I was glad to let him.   Go Bj.  And, it really did look better in motion.


Berrybritt said...

Sounds like a great celebration. So good to have pictures to always remember!

D.C. Butler's said...

Happy Birthday Busy Lizie! We checked out the March blog. Poor thing! We are so glad she was happy and healthy for her 4th birthday.
Love, Melisa

Denise said...

family party huh? I see how you are! Just kidding, Happy Birthday Lizzie Lu!

Ponczoch Family said...

3 parties? Wow... 2 just about did me in (family & friends). Happy Birthday Lizzie!

The Driggs said...

Three parties sounds good in my book. I am always looking for reasons to make dessert! You seriously did not need to give me a whole cube of Crisco. I will have to make something divine with it and bring some over! Oh, and I love that Lizzy did Madeline's make-up. So sweet!

TaraB said...

My father is a Bisel from Woodland, Utah. He ran across your blog and would like to know a little about your family history. He is related to the David A Bisel family and was wondering what line of Bisel you descend from. His name is Michael Bisel Franson. Please connect with him at

He doesn't want a google account so he is having me post for him.

You have a cute blog!!!

bill, katie, and co. said...

Looks like you had some great fun. Super cute pictures!