Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Harry Potter.  Welcome to our home.  

After working very hard to finish reading the first Harry Potter book, Madeline and Mitchell were so excited.  It has been well known in our home that we have to finish reading the book before we can see the movie.   One year has gone by since we started reading the book.  Of course, in that time, we started, stopped, started again, stopped, etc..  This last time the kids were actually interested (probably because one of their friends can't stop reading the books....they'll trust her, not us).  So, Monday night for FHE, we watched 1 hr of the movie, and then they had to go off to bed.  No late nights on school nights...but we couldn't wait for the weekend.  So, last night we finished watching the movie.  Let's just say that maybe we won't be watching Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets.   Madeline was so scared, but she wouldn't say she was scared, just that "this is weird."  She was cracking me up.  She kept running out of the room when it was too intense, and I loved every minute of it.  I totally do the same thing. Ha ha ha.  

On the first night Mitchell was breaking my heart and making me laugh at the same time.  As we watched Harry, Ron, and Hermione going to school, I thought to myself...."How could anyone send their little ones away to school, they are too little, they need their moms?"  Just then Mitchell said  "that would be so cool to go to Hogwarts."    I said..." Wouldn't you miss me?"  He said...."No, I would have an owl, plus...I would come home in the summer."    

uhhhh????  What? My six year old already wants to move away from home.  Crazy.


bill, katie, and co. said...

We have the same rule in our family. Read the book first then you can watch the movie. Unfortunately, Ruby picked up the book on her own and was well into it before we realized someone ought to read it with her. I'm glad to know about your experience with the movie. Maybe now we'll read a little slower! :)

Denise said...

Mitchell cracks me up. Don't feel bad McKay would ditch us in a minute for the right trade-off.

The Driggs said...

Okay that is too funny about Mitchell. Yesterday when Madeline & Mitchell were outside of my house waiting for Kristie to come pick up for gymnastics, Mitchell said, "Maybe we should walk over to their house." I told him it would take too long to walk. He said, "Yah, I could ride my bike." I said, "You are really fast on your bike." And he said, "I know." That boy has got some confidence!

That's great that you have that rule about reading the books first. That would take us years and years!

Ponczoch Family said...

Great idea. Dave & I had the rule for ourselves, but the girls were too young for the books then... maybe we should start. Love your kids reactions to the movie!