Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us.

It is our tenth anniversary today.  Happy Day.  Okay, so we didn't go on a tour of Europe like my sweet friend did.  But, we were lucky enough to spend the weekend together, while Bj's parents watched our little ones.  We went to the temple, went out to dinner, got Cold Stone ice cream, and went to a movie.  My favorite part about the movie thing was my idea, we never go to movies.  I thought it sounded so fun to get a big tub of popcorn, and a soda, and just pig out and have fun.  Well, after such a wonderful dinner at Spice Bistro, there was no way we could pig out.  Plus, we are OLD.  I never knew it, but we are old.  As we were deciding what movie to go to, the deciding factor was time.  We couldn't make it to any of the 7 o'clock movies, so the next one's were 9, 9:30, and 9:45.  We could barely stay awake so the 9 show it was Nim's Island.  It was pretty cute, but it was definitely not what you might expect for an "anniversary movie."    So, the next morning we woke up....sans children.  That was nice, especially because our dear ones have been waking up at 6 every morning.  Okay....on with the fun.  We went to breakfast at Jerry Bob's, yes that is the real name.  Funny.    Then we went on this wonderful hike.  Bj printed out a bunch of geocaches...because he loves to go geocaching.  He mapped out the area and said this hike was about 8 miles roundtrip.  That sounded okay to me.  So, off we went.  We are pretty sure we might not be the brightest people in the world, we started at about 10:30....right as it is getting hot.  Silly us.  We hike, climb up a mountain, keep climbing up the ridge of the mountains, climb down a little, climb up another mountain, go down again, climb up another mountain, start coming down again.  At this point, the bugs are eating us up.  The only sound I could hear was buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  There was a crossroads (no we didn't have a map), take an unknown trails, or keep going on the one we were on.  The trail we were on, looked like it was going up yet another mountain, and the other trail seemed to continue to go down and out.  Well, after deciding the hike was going a little crazy, we took the short cut.  After all was said and done, the short cut was 8.14 miles.  Hmmmmmm, I think our first estimates may have been off slightly.

So, Happy Anniversary to my one and only.  Bj truly is the best man I know.  There are some who may think this is not true (yes, you Denise...hee hee hee).  But the man I know is so kind, dear, and tender.  He is always looking for ways to take care of me.  At the end of the day when I finally sit down, he always brings me a nice drink.  I feel so blessed that we both have similar values.  I feel very blessed that he lets me win every fight.  Of course, I am always right.  For being such a "strong" man, he is so good at saying "sorry."  What a great quality, and one I could learn from.   The best part about Bj, he loves me.   He is my best friend.  I love laughing at/with him.  I love just talking to him at the end of our day, and I really love it when he talks back.  He is the best.  I love that he is always willing to pitch in.  He will clean whatever I tell him to!  And when we go camping, he cleans up the whole mess.  He is great.  I would never trade him in for another model.

Here are some pictures from our hike.  We certainly live in the desert.

I thought this was beautiful.    There was a geocache hidden nearby.

Bj reminded me we should have pictures.
Look at all those saguaro cacti.

Here is part of our hike. We are on the top of the mountain, yet it keeps going up.  How?

What are we going to have for dinner tonight? 
 Filet Mignon Roast, Wild Rice, Spinach Salad, and for dessert?  Sour Cream Banana Bread.

Beef Tenderloin

 In and electric fry pan brown the roast in 1 cube butter.  Turn the 
heat down until it is just simmering/sizzling (around 200-250 degrees).  cook
at the low temperature for 1 -1.5 hours.  Internal temperature should reach 120-160 degrees. Take roast out, let rest.  Get some mushrooms, and cook for 2-3 minutes in the juices.  Pour over sliced roast, and serve.  Yummy.


Clarke & Kamie said...

happy ten, guys! :)

kimwatson said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great idea to go to the temple and go hiking...sounds like a had a good time :)

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary! And by the way, I do think Bj is a great guy I just didn't think he was a great guy when he was a senior and I was a freshman and guys wouldn't talk to me because he had convinced them all that he would kill them if they came anywhere near me. But now i think he's awesome and actually reminds me of my amazing husband.

D.C. Butler's said...

Congrats! You made it ten years! Tomorrow (30th) is our 9th and my big 3-0 Birthday! I doubt we will top your fun weekend. I don't think we will manage to escape the children this year!
Love, The Butlers

reddquilter said...

HAPPY 10th !
Way to go---marriage is hard work and very worth it!
We celebrate our 38th year this August, can't believe Brian has put up with me that long, poor baby.
Love to read your blog!


Min said...

Happy Anniversary!