Friday, March 7, 2008

Quilt Pictures

I know this quilt pic is crooked, I rotated and saved, but it didn't translate here.  And I am too lazy to do it again.

Here are some of my quilts.  As requested by sweet Mindy.  I definitely love making baby quilts  more than anything else.  It is also evident I like a little sweet and I like a little spicy.  So, here it is:


Berrybritt said...

Sarah, your quilts are amazing. I love them all. The chicken one is my favorite. Very charming.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the name of your company could incorporate the words "sweet" and "spicy."

Sweet and Spicy Designs
A little sweet, a little spicy . . .

Something like that.

reddquilter said...

Sarah, great quilts, are these the quilts you showed me on your camera when we were in Santa Barbara? I didn't have my glasses on , so I really can't tell if these are the same or not?
Good luck on your quilt patterns?
Happy Quilting. love Aunt Becky

Min said...

Fun! Thanks! The chickens are great, I also love the bold fabrics in the vehicle and zoo animal quilts! These are way beyond my forays into quilts, with squares!

I will keep thinking. If only there was a word that conveyed sweet and spicy all at once! Perhaps there is...

And, you've inspired me to sit down and finish a quilted baby blanket that I started sometime last it takes a long time. But thanks. I'm more than halfway through hand-stitching the first half =) Whee!

summer said...

When I read through your description the words sweet and spicy jumped at me as well.

I think something like 'Sweet 'n Spicy Designs' and you could even put your name at the end so it's designs by Sarah.

You could do somehing creative and share the S in the word - with Sweet going vertical and Spicy coming down horizontal and then find some fonts that match how the words make you feel or how they sound.

Oh, and did I mention that those are BEAUTIFUL quilts - WOW! You are very talented and I loved every single one. If I think of any other names, I'll come back and give those to you.

Christine said...

bI'm liking the sweet and spicy thing as well! I still have the two quilts you made for my kids and they are my favorites. I'm excited for your new business!