Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This one's for you.

This is my sweet family.   But, I really want to talk about my hubby.  As I was driving home from preschool today I was thinking about how lucky I am.  I have this fantastic man who takes such good care of me, and my little ones, and asks little in return.  I am amazed at his goodness.  I think to many he seems like a "tough guy," but to me he is all goodness and light.  All he requires of me is for me to treat myself kindly.  He never nags me, or wants me to do things better, he just loves me (and most of the time would like me to sit down and relax with him).  He works so hard at his work, but he always puts family first.  He does all he can for his calling, and keeps his priorities straight.  He is so gentle with me, and wants to make sure I am doing well.  If I start to obsess about all the things I should be doing better, he calms me down, and just loves me.  I hope all our children find a spouse as good for them, as he has been for me.  There's so much more I could expound on to demonstrate his vast goodness, but I fear that would result in a seriously long tribute to this wonderful man.  So, here's to you, my favorite man, may you always know that you are one of a kind.


kimwatson said...

Hi, Sarah! I just started a blog and searched for you to see if you had one...and here you are! We enjoyed your Christmas card, and I liked reading your blog. Your family is great and it looks like you're doing awesome as always. I've been "tagged" by a friend, and I'm passing it on to you...check my blog for details.

shauna said...

Wow, what a beautiful tribute to your husband. Sounds like you have yourself a real keeper! I loved the way you described him.
Thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog. I do have to say that your picture is strikingly beautiful - you haven't aged a bit. Good to "see" you again :)

Denise said...

Ok, so of course my first inclination is to disagree and tell you all the ways he tortured me growing up but in reality I have to agree and say he is a really good guy. Isn't awesome to have a wonderful husband!!!!

Melquiades said...

My name is Roman. I went to High School with BJ. It's good to find out that he's become a good father and husband. Please tell him hello.