Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm It.

I have been tagged by my fun friend Kim Watson (who used to live here in sunny, AZ).  Now I need to share 7 quirky things about myself.  Let's hope I can limit it to just 7.  

1.  I am a slight clean freak.  Now, when I say this you must know, I am far from perfectly clean.  But, I do have a hard time going to bed with my Kitchen dirty.  I do like to have everything picked up and I love having clean surfaces.  That said, my cupboards and drawers are far from perfect.  I think this is the result of wanting the surface clean.  I often pick a couple drawers to be a mess, and just throw everything into those drawers to "hide" all the stuff we all hate dealing with.

 2.  I am turned on by fabric.  Not just any fabric, good quilting fabric.  I love it when the fabric feels like butter, so smooth and perfect.  This is not fabric you can find at JoAnn's or other large chains, this is the stuff in the little quilting shops, oh and it is beautiful.  My favorite fabric manufacturer is Moda.  Of course, there are others with beautiful fabrics, but Moda is so consistently perfect.  hmmmm, I could go on and on.

3.  I must admit I enjoy running.  My husband defines this as definitely quirky.  He thinks I am absolutely crazy because I rarely take a day off.   I just love the feeling that come from running.
I feel all clean and alive.  It is great!  

4.  I really don't like meat.  I just don't crave it, but I still eat it.  Okay, here comes the quirky part.  With all that,  I love In N' Out burgers.  I don't know how,  but I do love them.  We've been lucky, we got one just a couples miles from our house this last fall.  We've only been there 2 or 3 times, but it is nice to know it is close by.

5.  Well, I said I don't like meat.  Here comes the second quirky thing.  I don't like to touch meat while I am preparing meals for my family.  So, how do I do it?  Buy bags of frozen meat, and simply shake into a cooking dish.  Yes, this limits our choices of dinners, but I have found wonderful ways to go around touching meat.  It's funny, but it works out for my family so they actually get meat with their meals.

6.  I have a very sarcastic humor, which is lost on a lot of people.  Sometimes I am amazed at this, because it seems so very obvious to me.   Apparently, not everyone was brought up with sarcastic comments all the time.  I know I shouldn't be sarcastic, but to me it is like telling me, I really shouldn't be short.  I may agree about that, but I don't know how to go about changing it.
7. I don't love camping.  The reason is the quirky thing.   I hate to get all the "junk" out, and then have to put it all away.  Isn't it just easier to stay home?  There is so much work involved in camping, and then you have to come home and clean for a week.  That is not my idea of vacation.  My perfect idea of vacation is to stay at home, and not answer the phone, and pretend we are not here.  I still get a toilet and shower, I still get nice dinners, clean kids.....and at the end of it I don't have to disinfect, and scrub down everything.

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Ponczoch Family said...

This is so exciting to learn you have a blog! I've really been wondering when you would start one up. Reading about your 7 quirky things makes me forget that we don't live by each other anymore, because I can picture you saying those things!

Min said...

I'm curious about the Moda fabric. Is there an online source that you know of? (not that I'm "ready" to purchase any, I have so many projects in various stages of completion...but none completed!) I am always searching for inspiration, though.

Heidi said...

Ha--I never touch chicken. Beef, no problem. Chicken--EW!

Allie Harrison said...

I'm so "with" you on the clean thing. Everything has to be "clean", just not organized! As for the camping... we bought a camper. It makes "camping" a whole lot nicer!

Allie Harrison said...
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csperriton said...

I'm so excited that you have a blog! It is such a great way to stay in touch. Reading your blog makes me miss our book club! I also have thought about you a lot recently as I have pulled out Averie's BEAUTIFUL quilt you made, now I use it for our precious Brenna. It is by far my favorite baby quilt! By the way, I totally get your sarcastic humor, it's one of the things I love about you...

kimwatson said...

You responded're the only person I tagged that has even done it. It was fun to read your random facts. I actually remember that you don't like to handle raw meat. I agree with's very gross. But camping - how can you not love getting everything out? That's the fun part!