Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Santa Barbara

My Uncle Brian and Bj on the pier
We all took a walk on the beach together, here's
my mom strolling along, ahead of the pack.
So, I was cold at the beach, I'm from Tucson,
what do you expect?
I was so amazed that these crazy guys were
out there surfing.  Didn't they know it was 
cold?  Freezing?

Here's Bj and Mom finding Geocaches together.

So, we went to Santa Barbara this weekend.  I had a family foundation meeting, and it was really fun to meet all together, and enjoy the beach.    Each year we have a meeting where those on the board get together.  It is really great to see my aunts and uncles and a few of my cousins.  We had a great time together visiting the fun places in Santa Barbara, enjoying the beach, and listening to, arguing with, and learning from each other.  We spent Friday on the beach, looking for cache's, and enjoying the scenery.  There was this huge Yacht, and we all had to take a look.  Then on Saturday we spent the day in Solvang, and enjoyed the Dutch culture and food.  My aunt has a house there, so it was fun to have an insiders knowledge of all the fun things there.   We were lucky enough to find a fun ward to go to on Sunday, and Bj and I were surprised to find there were young couple able to afford living in Santa Barbara.  We spent the rest of that day enjoying the art that was strewn along the beach front.    We both enjoyed our time in Santa Barbara, but we weren't sad to come home.  We love our little ones and we were both missing spending time with them, and their fun little ways.

The weather there was beautiful, and I know it was even more wonderful for those coming from colder climates.  I felt a little jealous of all the oxygen in the air, it was so green, and the smell in the air was so clean and fresh, and I must say a little less desert smelling.  Every time I go to CA, I think maybe I want to move there.  The weather there is more temperate, and I think, "this wouldn't be so bad." But, then I realize I can't even afford to own a cardboard box. Isn't that the joy of vacations? Thinking, "maybe I could live here," or "I can't wait to get home," or "I never knew this was so wonderful." Then on the flight home I realize that happiness comes from being with the ones I love, so right now, Arizona holds my heart.

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