Wednesday, August 15, 2012

playing catch up

life is beautiful.  life is fun. 
and life is special at times.
life has be "special" at our house this year.
but, we're coming back.
here's our photos to illustrate the fun we have had over the last 4 months.
madeline's birthday party.  friends.  swimming.  great lunch.  lots of treats and fun.

even mom got to play


then we went to the beach.  that was fun.  I even got to kiss a handsome boy on the long wish, fulfilled. 

sunday...we hung out on the beach, and I got to do my favorite thing.

holy moly.  went running barefoot on the beach.  probably over 5 miles.  the next day, my calves hurt so bad, I could barely walk.  my feet.....broken...not literally, but man I paid for it.

like father..... like son

liz didn't want to be a big fat man....she would rather be a mermaid

totally out of order....EASTER.

my kids are cute, even if  I had to rush them out the door, and couldn't get them together for a picture.  shhh...don't tell, we aren't a picture perfect family.

this is my favorite thing.  noah was tired.  so tired, so he rolled right up in the kitchen rug (because who can be away from mom and dad while they are cooking), and had a little rest.  be still my heart, I love him.

mitchell was a virus in the school play

miss liz had her 8th birthday.  events surrounding this birthday were....eventful..thus, she kinda got the short end of the stick.  but here was her birthday party. 
a TEA party.

cupcakes (by me)
decorations (by maddie)

super cute friends

love this tradtion of the tea party for the 8th birthday. 
sad it is over.  love my girls.  LOVE!

liz enjoying her party at the Chantilly Tea Room.  the girls were so well behaved, they loved drinking for fancy cups.  
best part, I didn't have to clean up.

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