Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break 2011

So, Spring Break was a couple weeks ago...Big Deal.  I am a little behind.  

Monday morning of Spring Break we made a list of all the things we wanted to do that week.  

Here's the list:
Dinner Out

We did all the things except swimming, because was cold that week.  Like in the 70's. That is way too cold to take a dip.

Our biggest adventure?  Hiking for sure.  
Who's idea was it?  

The hike was 6 miles round Romero Pools.  That sounds fun, right, hiking to some water you can swim in!   The kids thought  it sounded like work.  They were right.

This was the terrain for most of the hike.  Moderately steep, a pretty great workout, and a great opportunity for some people to whine!

This is who I was carrying the whole time.  Yep, we went on the hike with just me and all the kiddos.  This kid is heavy...I can attest to that.  After 3 miles hiking, my shoulders hurt, and I was feeling like I was a little insane. 

 I can't tell you how many people stopped to ask us if we were alone, and how crazy we were, and that it got really steep up ahead....maybe we should turn around.

Hello, don't PSYCH me out.

Finally we made it to Romero Pools.   I didn't get to hike all the way in to this spot because it was way too steep for a mama with a kid on her back.  But, I got some good pictures of the kids playing in the pools.  They thought it was really cold.

While we were there, some crazy teenage boys were there cliff jumping.  I sure hope Mitchell didn't think they were cool, I just thought they were crazy.

Cute boy, look at that sweet baby enjoying a little water in the desert.  It was a great trip, really hard, a challenge for all of us, and something we will always remember.

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