Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What happens?

What happens when you neglect all your duties?  Your camera gets full of pictures.  I downloaded all my pics to my computer today and I was so surprised at how long it has been.  This Halloween picture is one of the recent ones.  Crazy.

Life has been somewhat insane here lately.  Isn't it everywhere.  We are all trying hard to be the best we can be, and it is hectic.  The nice thing in my old age, is that I have learned to let certain things go.  Like my blog.  Now, I can just relax and know that when I put first things first, it will all work out.  I may not turn out like Martha Stewart, in all her crafty perfection, but I probably won't end up in jail either.  Just sayin'.

I have to say, I love the picture above.  Liz's personality shines through. Her impish ways are visible....the crumpled witches dress shows we pulled it out of the halloween bag minutes before we went to the Trunk R Treat.    I love it all.

And even as I sit here, Noah is crawling under my chair, wanting some extra love.  And, you know what?  First things first.  


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