Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finally Feelin' It

It's cool.  It's almost cold.  And, we are finally feeling it.  You know, the desire to put something warm in and on our bodies.  My kids new favorite thing is hot cocoa (we can thank Summer Driggs for this).  Everyday we brew some up, and everyone is happy.  I am happy too...because I get to wear socks, and put a blanket on.  Yum.

If you hate discussion of diets... please leave the website.

I'm feelin' it.  I have been for awhile.  The desire to shed these baby lbs. has been strong for quite awhile.  Yet, the ability to shed them has been alluding me.  I have run and run and run.  I have cut back.  Still, nothing.  

So, here it goes.  The real push.  These are my snacks pictured above (the celery, not that man).  My calorie allowance a day?  Too low!  Anything below 1000 is too low, but that is what my computer tells me I am allowed to have if I want to lose weight.  

I guess it is right.  I have been working hard, consuming far fewer calories than I ever thought right, and I have finally nudged that scale a little lower.  I have a long road ahead.  And, Thanksgiving and Christmas are looming, but I will not be deterred.  

I can do hard things.

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Mandy said...

what crazy computer are you taking advice from?