Monday, September 27, 2010


He had a birthday, shout hurray!

We got to sing to him that day!

One year old and wiser too, 
Happy Birthday to you.... yesterday!

We had fun celebrating the "stitch's" birthday yesterday (and Saturday).  Lucky guy was surprised to get the ipod touch shown above.  We were lucky to get a great deal from craigslist, and everyone is happy.   

I can't believe my baby is nine.  This kid used to cry like crazy whenever I left the building.  He doesn't feel the same way now.  But, some things haven't changed.  He still talks non-stop, he still is a great cuddler, he still is a super big smarty pants, and he still is a great kid to be around.  This is the kid that convinced me that some babies are easy, and that I could have more.  This is the kid that never gives me grief when I ask him to do a chore.  LOVE THAT!

I love my Mitch, and I am grateful that even though he is growing up and growing old.... he still wants me to tuck him in, and give him a snuggle before he starts his slumber.  

Happy Birthday DUDE!

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The Driggs said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell! I am loving the opening song to this must have a calling that works with the Primary song leaders :) He really is a great kid...I know you know that, but he just is. I have always thought he was so great!