Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Weekend!

We had a great last week in September. Our oldest boy was baptized and our youngest boy was blessed the next day. Slightly busy, yes, and wonderful to be all together celebrating two very special days.

We were blessed to have my parents come into town, and we loved having our local Bisel relatives join in the fun. Bj was in charge of the after baptism lunch....and we had some nice sandwiches and slushies (courtesy of Eegee's). My mom went slightly overboard (in a good way) and prepared a feast of treats for us all. Yummmm! After all that fun, I was ready for some serious relaxing. Instead, we celebrated Mitchell's birthday, and prepared for Noah's blessing the next day.

At the baptism (yes, Noah's there too...sleeping)

All the handsome men in our family!

Grandma G and Papa Jimbo with Noah

The blessing was wonderful, and it was fun to share it with my ward family as well as our family. What a blessing to have such a great hubby who is worthy to baptize, confirm, and bless our boys.


The Driggs said...

What a wonderful weekend that must have been. That's so great to have so much family there to share in such special occasions. I love the pictures and you all look so beautiful (except the boys...they look handsome!)

Adam and Sariah said...

What a big weekend for your family. You are right about the blessing of having a worthy husband to be there for your boys. We are waiting on Luke's baptism so that Adam can be here to do it. That is such a great memory for kids to have with their dads. And nice look great!