Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You are all wrong! We are going to far away, and very exotic....Phoenix!

Arizona Grand Resort: Water Park Tubes

I know, it sounds kinda lame. It's not 2 hours away, but at least it is away. We had discussed going to Sedona (turned out to be too much $$$$$), then...hmmm, maybe we should go to San Diego. San Diego is 6 hours away, and I am seriously pregnant (riding in the car, yuck), and we only have three days. Scratch that. Maybe a nice mountain retreat, we could escape the heat, enjoy some solitude??? After not finding anything close (within 3 hours), we knew we had to give up, and just give in to the sweet kiddos, and party all day at the Arizona Grand Resort.

I actually am pretty excited. I get to escape my home, go somewhere hotter, bake in the sun, read my book, go to the Temple, enjoy down time with my kids and hubby, and escape my responsibilities. Party ON!


Wen said...

Uh I believe what you meant to say was....
Wrong wrong WRONG wroNG WRONG!
Have fun.

Denise said...

I think Phoenix is a great place for a vacation!!!

Z Family said...

HAve a GREAT time!

The Driggs said...

Sad that I missed the vote! I would have picked Sedona...but you're right, very expensive. And plus there are weird people there who believe in the "spirits of Sedona"...very eerie. I hope you have a fun time in Phoenix! That pool looks like so much fun and I know your kids are gonna have a blast! Great job on getting so much of your book done. Enjoy the hotter weather, but more importantly, your time away!