Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Vacation?

We have decided to go on vacation. Can you believe it? I finally have finished the majority of the "book," and can now dedicate more time to having fun. That is important stuff. Bj can't take any days off (because of sweet Noah coming later this year), so we will be gone Thursday night through Sunday (yes, we love our every other Friday off). So, where do you think we finally decided to go?

Vote in the comments, the answer will come shortly:



Mountain Retreat

Photo area

San Diego


Z Family said...


Kim Watson said...

San Diego!

kimhumpherys said...

i'd go to san diego if i had a choice! i'm gonna say san diego, and if that's where you're going, i'm so totally jealous!!

Ponczoch Family said...

I'm going to say a mountain retreat, because driving clear to San Diego when you are prego would take too long with all of the potty breaks:)

Min said...

mountain retreat or Sedona are my two guesses!

Manders said...

San Diego would be fun but too far for a short trip, I vote for Mountain retreat. Get out of the heat! :)

Adam and Sariah said...

I say Phoenix:)