Monday, February 16, 2009

Colossal Caves

Here we are with our suckers.  Starting to have happy hearts again.

This is a picture Dad "Made" us take, and as you can see the kids are so gloriously happy about it.
This is at the start of the day, see all those smiles?

Things I learned about caves:

* 4 year olds are terrified of them
*Raccoons are not (terrified) thus the incredible smell that greats you when you enter
* This cave is a constant 70 degrees year round. ( I need to return in the Summer)
* SMELLS.  I could smell all the people in our group, too close of quarters for my taste.
* There's Guano everywhere
* Never ending pit....what?
* People got married in the cave?  
* There hasn't been water there for 8000 years.  

Things I learned about kids:

* Riding for an hour in the car isn't always a joy
* Kids never sleep when they should, and do sleep when they shouldn't.
* Madeline is a self proclaimed better paper puncher than Mitchell
* Suckers cure anything and everything.
* They love playing with pizza dough balls.
* They change their mind after they have already ordered. However, if they make up their mind to dislike something, they will stick with that.
* When one has to go to the bathroom, they all must go.  And it must be #2.

Things I learned about parents:

*Parents are grumpy when kids scream for an hour in the car (even if it is happy screams)
* Parents have crazy ideas about "Valentines...", I pushed to spend the day with the kids, I thought it would be so fun to make it special for them.  By 7 p.m., I was ready to go home and rest my tired soul.
* Parents are crazy enough to wait an hour, just so they don't have to cook dinner.
* They want to take pictures of everything.
* Love to stop and kiss for a minute
* Love being with their kids almost as much as they love being alone.


Christine said...

love the post. We've learned some of those same things as well..must be a parenting thing. Yes and riding in the car isn't always a joy:) Love reading about your family.

Wen said...

And you tried so hard to make it a good day. I hate it when we lay the ground work for a strong close family and there seems to be little by way of reward. It's like a garden.....harvest time is a long way off but it's worth it in the end.

We miss you guys
Thinking of you when I snub treats. (And a lot of other times lest you know me so well that you know I am not the greatest snubber of treats and you think that I don't think of you because I am just up here eating treats.) I'm.... going to go now.