Friday, August 13, 2010

Burger Wars

While in UT, we decided to formally conduct the 1st Annual Burger Wars.

What started this?  My kiddos professed their love of In-n-Out (rightfully so).  At this, my parents said...No way, there are better burgers.  And the list started.... 5 Guys, Tony's Burgers, Salt City Burger, Apollo/Crown Burger, and Big H.  So, we went on the quest to find the very best burger.  Hot DOG, this was hard.

How was it judged?  On the flavor of the meat, the bun, the condiments, and the fries.    Honestly, the judging is questionable.  Some of us are pretty discerning, and others of us like to give a Fabulous rating to anything.  Hmmmm....suspect.

But here are the results:

1. Five Guys  (Best Burger and BEST fries)
2. Tony Burgers  (Best tasting meat)
3.  Big H  (Great options, and super tasty)
4.  Salt City (seriously tons of variety...buns fall apart, juicy burgers)
5. In and Out  (Best Buns and crispest lettuce)
6. Apollo Burger  (Weirdest service)

Now, when you are in the great land of SLC, and you are looking for a burger, you know what the best is. By far, Five Guys had the best fries of all of them.  I love big chunky crispy fries.  Little crispy fries are LAME. 


Tracy said...

I'm not a burger person, but I LOVE the fries from Red Robin, big flavorful fries are the best - agreed. I've never been to any place on that list except In N Out. Glad you had a super fun trip to Utah.

Wendie said...

What McDonalds isn't on the list? I don't understand....

Denise said...

we just got a 5 guys up here and I LOVE IT. Seriously the best fries in town and I am avid In-n-outer. Next time your up we'll have to hit 5 guys together.

Bowdens said...

5 guys is awesome! There is one in Mesa....we could go sometime!

katie and co. said...

What? Training Table is not on the list? Seriously should have been included...BUT--I have to say I agree with everything--haven't tried them all but maybe I will next time we go up. Fun Fun!