Sunday, July 18, 2010


Am I MIA?  Yes. 

I am far away from home, in my home away from home.

My husband is all alone.  I am sure he is crying his eyes out.  Maybe he is just moping, or enjoying the silence?

Being away from home always brings with it some pros and cons.  Here are mine...
pretend I have pictures, I promise I will share when I get home

I am loving:

cool morning runs
time to play with the kids
watching Noah bond with his grandparents
seeing cousins play and scream their guts out
going to church with Apostles and general authorities
being taught midweek lessons by Elder  and Sister Coleman
not cooking
cool nights
big mountains
green grass
flowers in every front yard
long walks

I am missing:

my hubby
our ceiling fan
early bedtimes
great friends
the chance to see the monsoons actually come this year
my iMac


The Driggs said...

I miss you tons turkey buns! So glad you are in gorgeous Utah and I wish my trip wasn't so short because I miss how beautiful it is there, and besides, it would have been fun to get together away from our usual homes! I am sure the monsoons will still be hangin around when you get home. They seem like they're just beginning. Oh, and you need to add to your "pros" list, Lion House Rolls and Lion House Chocolate Cream Cake...I will be trying to duplicate the recipes this weekend because I am feeling the void! Have fun!!!

Bowdens said...

I hope I'm one of those friends you miss! We miss you guys! Glad you're having fun and enjoying that cool weather, but we hope to see you soon!!