Sunday, March 15, 2009


Nothing interesting to say, but since no one is updating their blogs, and I wish I had something fun to read, I thought I might provide something to read for others (even if it isn't so "fun").

Things I am thinking:

*I should really scrapbook, but that would mean I would actually have to do something with myself.
*I should also quilt the 8, yes 8, quilt tops that are waiting for me.  Seriously, I should get moving on that.
*Hey, but I'm okay...I mean, I have 8 quilt tops done,....that's something to say...right?
*Really, I should quilt those tops.
*I like having Bj cook dinner outside!  The smell of all the onions/peppers/meat stayed outside, and I was almost able to eat my whole dinner. BONUS!
*Am I going to get my energy back?
*Why can't I find a "from scratch" blueberry muffin recipe as good as the boxed betty crocker recipe?
*When should I start gaining weight?  Is there a way I can forgo this part of pregnancy?
*I live for the weekends.  I love spending time with the love of my life.  I love that last night after the kids went to bed, I spent an hour on the treadmill, he spent an hour on Wii Fit, and we were both super happy about it.
*I am loving big baggy clothes.  I am not even showing yet, but I love big baggy clothes.
*I have weird dreams now.  The last weird one had all my best guy friends from high school in it (pre hair loss), and our house was filled with pastries.
*I told Mitchell my idea for his baptism dinner (I am planning WAY's in September)....BBQ pork sandwiches.  He wants tea party food instead (cucumber sandwiches, little PB&J,  ham and cheese, etc...).  Where did I get this kid?

Okay, I provided you enough ammunition for one evening.  Enjoy.


Heather said...

angela davidson's friend heather here. i kept waiting for someone to blog so i could read it! thanks. :) by the way... i totally bought the mascara you recommended and i love it! it comes right off. amazing!

here's a blueberry recipe you could try that my sister shared on the family recipe blog:

I pretty much think it's amazing to have 8 quilt tops done. good luck with your pregnancy!

The Driggs said...

I love reading about Mitchell's idea of what he wants for his baptism dinner. And I love that you're planning this much in advance. I want to help with whatever food preparations. I won't be having a baby any time around then!!! And way to do the treadmill for an hour! What movie did you watch this time? (I love that you have watched Pride & Prejudice lots during your treadmill workouts!) And I will search for a good blueberry muffin recipe. Is this a current craving of yours or is it for something specific? Thank you for giving me something interesting to read. Talk to you soon!

Wade family said...

I love reading everyones blogs, including yours! Maybe you're having a boy because you have dreams about your best guy friends from high school - haha. I have weird dreams too and I'm not even pregnant. And that's great that you haven't gained and you're not showing yet! just wait - it will happen - don't wish it on yourself early lol :)

Clarke and Kamie said...

hey, congrats on the new baby coming! seems like everyone we know is pregnant right now, so you just joined the list. I'll be looking for updates:)

bill, katie, and co. said...

HOLY MACKINOLY! I haven't checked anyone's blog for weeks and look at what I've missed! CONGRATULATIONS Sarah! Yay for you and your family! I am so excited for you! Hope you are feeling well.

reddquilter said...

check out Mindy's food blog, I think you might have finally found your blueberry muffin recipe.
I haven't tried them yet, but I have great hopes, Mindy has good taste.