Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Back!

I can't believe that I have really been gone this long.  But, here it is.  This is what I have been doing for the past few weeks.  Let's see if you can stay interested long enough to read the list of activities.  I'll be brief:  flying, eating, swimming, hiking in Mueller Park, birthday parties at the Lion House, Jessie's Birthday party, quilting while Papa Jimbo watched the kiddos, Lagoon, Thanksgiving Pointe, visiting Jackman's from MI, visiting the Mitchell's, watching soccer games, going to Kung Fu Panda, having a great friends party at Julie Listons's house, the Great Strides walk, church....visiting the Bountiful Temple, going to This Is the Place Monument park and Hogle Zoo in 1 day, Bowling, visiting friend Kim Ponczoch while she is in town from Chile, Alpine Slide, Midway (finally we get to see Bj for my family reunion), Spa visits, golfing, crater swim, fathers day, flying home, unpacking, packing again, camping at Fools Hollow Lake for Bj's family reunion, fishing, craw fishing, visiting the Snowflake Temple, driving home, wishing I had a laundry lady.

And, here we are.  All caught up!  I feel so blessed I had the chance to go to UT and visit with my family and friends.  Each time I go I get a little home sick.  The weather there is beautiful, and even though I heard my dad moan about the cold weather more than once, I loved it.  It was a change for me, and I sure love the change in weather.  I loved the smell of the air, how "green" it smelled.  I semi-enjoyed my runs on Bountiful boulevard, but was also glad I didn't have to run up and down those hills all the time.  I absolutely loved all the quilting stores they have there.  Seriously!!!  They are blessed!  I love seeing all my friends. I am so impressed with all of them, they have all made beautiful lives for themselves.  I feel continually blessed with the parents I have been given.  My mom wore herself out completely taking us everywhere in UT to keep my sweet children entertained.  My dad worked hard to watch my kids so I could spend a day at my aunts house quilting on her long arm. He also spent hours upon hours reading Harry Potter to my kids so they could watch the movie. 

I loved that as I went to my parents ward I was given instruction from general authorities.  The first Sunday I enjoyed hearing from Elder Coleman and Elder Dickson.  The next Sunday I heard from Elder Bednar, he gave great council about preparing children and grandchildren to leave their homes.  I loved for my children to play with their cousins.  And, here is the confession: I loved not having the responsibilities I have at home.  No one needed me, I didn't have to help kids with homework and piano practicing, I only made dinner once, no cleaning, no calling.  It was so fun!  I guess that's why they call it a vacation, and it was.  And, even though I do miss UT, I don't think I would have these kinds of "vacation" experiences if I lived there.

Now that I am home I am excited to get to work on my quilts.  I feel blessed that I have a creative outlet, and that I enjoy it so much.  I am also aware that I should probably organize my pantry (wonderful, fantastic, and handy Bj put new shelves in the closets and pantries), and do other chores...but the fun stuff sounds better to me.


Steve said...

wow, what a trip! Steve Watson here. We miss AZ, but yeah the UT weather is awesome. Say hi to BJ for me. I hope he's staying up on the basketball.


Christine said...

It was so great to see you! thanks for making the effort to connect with us. With your fam so close hopefully we'll get to see you regularly:)

kimwatson said...

Hey, I didn't know Steve was looking at your blog! Anyway, I love the calendar you made...what a great idea. The black and white picture of the girl being kissed - is that a wedding announcement? I don't know them, but I swear I've seen that pic before. Maybe at my inlaws. Small world. It sounds like you had a great time :)

bill, katie, and co. said...

What fun for your family! I love your calendar of events! How clever. I can SO relate to everything you expressed. So glad you enjoyed your time in beautiful Utah. Can't wait to see the quilts you quilted!

Ponczoch Family said...

Yes! I made it to the calendar! We need to make sure our vacations are at the same time each year because I certainly enjoy visiting with you. So until we're next door neighbors, End of May/beginning of June it is!