Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Elizabeth strikes again.

Our little Elizabeth loves to be her own person. In the middle of the night, our little one snuck out of bed, found scissors, snuck back in, and cut herself a lovely mullet. Oh, the joys! There was a huge hunk of hair on her floor, and we were appalled at all she can do in the night. She was very upset when she learned she had to get her hair cut, she was even more upset when Bj told her he should just shave her hair off like Mitchell's. But, after going to the hairstylist (who made approximately 3 cuts) and getting a sucker, she is sold on haircuts and wants one every day. Which is a good thing, because we had to cut her hair again the next day, because those 3 cuts just didn't do it....we had to chop the whole thing off to make it "not" a mullet. Go Elizabeth.

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